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Stavra Baklava

a modern twist on a timeless classic!

About Us

From sunset to sunrise. . .

The baking begins shortly after the sun goes down and ends right before the sun comes up to ensure that every bite has the exquisite, well-developed, sweet and savory flavor you crave.  You simply can't rush excellence. 

Back to Basics

What you buy in stores is usually just okay; what your grandmother makes is always much better. Our baklava rivals both! Sorry Grandma! To achieve that homemade goodness, we meticulously handcraft each piece for consistently superior results. . . in fact, consistency is what sets us apart.  We want every bite to taunt your taste buds and excite your senses!

For the Health Conscious

The Good News: Walnuts are well known for being "brain food." The Better News: They also contain key vitamins & minerals that play a role in improving heart function, boosting bone health and improving your metabolism.  The Best News: each piece of baklava is only 45 calories!  Your waistline will appreciate that.